Man and woman smiling against a lake

Artifacts actually started as Adriannes in May of 1991. I moved from San Diego in November of 1990 and stayed with my parents in Mariposa, where my father had a small gem and mineral store. My girlfriend at the time and I were actually headed to Seattle, but found jobs and stayed, and my father helped us open a store. We started out with 144 square feet of space where I was cutting and polishing stones for bookends, clocks, and specimens. We poured every bit of money and time into that store, and eventually expanded next door into a much larger space and we’re really making it work.

Then in 1997, the 100-year flood hit Yosemite, which devastated businesses in Mariposa. Hwy 140 was shut down and there were no tourists coming through town. At that point, we decided to move our shop to Oakhurst, and found a great spot next to “The Grind,” the best and only coffee shop in town! Business really started to blossom, we had a big new shop and a steady stream of both local and tourist customers.

In the year 2000 we decided to move to a new location with better exposure. This new storefront was a bit smaller, but had great roadside appeal – and turned out to be a great move. Business increased, and we gained alot more customers. In 2007 I changed the name to Artifacts and was running the business on my own.

It was a rough couple years, with the real estate bubble and the credit crash. I had to get another job for awhile, but I made it work. One thing I knew is that I love what I was doing and there was no choice but to make it work!

Thanks to my really amazing employees and love for gems and minerals, Artifacts is what it is today. I keep striving to make a beautiful spot where it’s comfortable and inviting. A place that stimulates all the senses and makes you feel good.

~ Jeff Jewett, owner