Welcome to Artifacts!

Located in Oakhurst, California on the road to Yosemite National Park, Artifacts World Import Gallery specializes in the unique and unusual, rare and beautiful. Having a love of many countries, cultures, and people, Artifacts strives to bring the world a little closer to home. Artifacts is committed to sourcing goods of the highest quality that support a sustainable social, ecological and economic model for Fair Trade. Our commitment provides an additional opportunity for us and our customers to have a meaningful impact on the working and living conditions faced by many artisans and craftspeople throughout the U.S. and abroad.

  • The crystals selection is amazing - there is no way that I can get out of Artifacts without adding to my collection. I also love the handcrafted custom jewelry. Beautiful sterling silver pieces with gemstones and crystals. This store is a must-see if you're going to be in the Yosemite Area!

    Jenn M Avatar Jenn M

    Beautifully curated with many delightful trinkets from didgeridoos to crystals. You can find most anything you seek for your spiritual journey. Pop in for some inspiration, you might even see a cute doggie!

    J S Avatar J S

    Such a cute store with many different crystals and stones. Its clean and Staff was extremely knowledgeable and helped us find the perfect gifts. Its a must stop everytime i pass by!

    Arica B Avatar Arica B
  • Wonderful Store with great staff

    Andrew Bryant Avatar Andrew Bryant

    Great shop with much variety. They got clothes, souvenirs, beautiful jewelry, decorative accents, and a huge selection of different rocks n minerals. Their rocks n minerals span everything from small bins of polished specimens to large expensive geode cuts. Picked up some sample minerals and a nifty smaller geode cut. The lady in the store, along with Charlie the dog, were very kind and helpful.

    ET Bass Avatar ET Bass

    I absolutely LOVE this store. This is my go to shop for gifts.. Everything is so unique.

    Kourtnee Landrum Avatar Kourtnee Landrum
  • Very cute shop! Lots of beautiful items- truly a hidden gem

    Alina Hernandez Avatar Alina Hernandez

    This place seems to have it going on. .Easy to ask questions and get knowledgeable answers..They like locals and have a good supply of eye candy and bling!!Not your average rock shop it is so much more than that! Stop by and judge for yourself...I am quite sure you will leave with something pretty and special...

    Aaron D Avatar Aaron D

    Cool place for Crystal gifts and other fun things..

    steve seifert Avatar steve seifert
  • Nice shop with lots of trinkets and toys!

    Dennis Gavrilenko Avatar Dennis Gavrilenko

    A lot of nice things in this store, including the woman working there. Nice selection of crystals and anything to do with crystals. Very clean and professional. Thank you Artifacts I will be stopping in again in near future.

    Erin Kathleen Avatar Erin Kathleen

    We always make sure we stop at this store when we are in the Yosemite area. If you love jewerly, gemstones and so much more this is the place for you. Employees are always super helpful

    Karen Stafford Avatar Karen Stafford
  • This place is amazing for looking for New Age things. Candles, incense, crystals, and great selection of candle holders, statues, and low maintenance house plants.

    Kc_ Cruzer Avatar Kc_ Cruzer

    Good place to find everything

    Michelle Mossman Avatar Michelle Mossman

    Very helpful, very comfortable and took the time to help my grandchild

    Elaine Gutierrez Avatar Elaine Gutierrez
  • Artifacts is the perfect place to get any of your mindfulness needs. Rocks, incense, wind chimes, and anything else you can think of. Love it! A must place to go when you are in Oakhurst?

    Julia Cruz Avatar Julia Cruz

    Loved it, the jewelry pieces were gorgeous. Found what I didn't know I was looming for.

    Karen Descoteaux Avatar Karen Descoteaux

    One of my most absolute favorite stores to go to for stones and crystals. Nice atmosphere and very nice people.

    Serina Simmons Avatar Serina Simmons
  • I just love there jewelry. It's beautiful!!

    Crystal Mackie Avatar Crystal Mackie

    Rocks and puzzles !

    Shelia Ortega Avatar Shelia Ortega

    The woman who works there is knowledgeable and very nice thanks for the help

    Ron Reyes Avatar Ron Reyes
  • The BEST collection of stones,jewelry and quality imports I've ever seen in a relatively small space, best jewelry anywhere!

    Timothy Moore Avatar Timothy Moore

    So many cool things to see. I especially loved the enormous amount of rocks and crystals, but this store had a cool Buddha, lotus, Chakra, crystals, insense vibe. You know, chill. I especially appreciate how clean it is. 10/10, an all around great store.

    Lari Nakamura Avatar Lari Nakamura

    Love this store! Always has great gifts for any one. Even Flying Giraffes! Amazing displays and stuff you really can't find anywhere. The owner is cool too! Go there!

    Andrew Pence Avatar Andrew Pence
  • Beautiful as usual

    Sunday Moore Avatar Sunday Moore

    I did all my Christmas shopping here. Soaps, perfumes, incense, rocks, jewelry and cool trinkets. I love this place.

    Misty Kane Avatar Misty Kane

    Very unique and fun place to shop. They have a very good selection of merchandise.

    Humming Bird Avatar Humming Bird
  • Just left Artifacts. We are traveling from Ohio. Found interesting gifts. And some for myself. Thanks Jeff!

    Tina Glorioso Avatar Tina Glorioso

    Great store

    Kathy Myers Avatar Kathy Myers

    I love Artifacts! Jeff is amazing, extremely knowledgeable about everything he carries. My brother once purchased a unique incense holder and shortly after it was destroyed when the roof of his home caved in. Jeff found another one and let me know when it arrived to the store. Thanks again Jeff! You're the best!

    Margaret McMahon (Maree) Avatar Margaret McMahon (Maree)